SFR Reader

Extended licence obtaining

According to the agreement with SFR System manufacturer, to complicate unauthorised base unit programming and competition vandalism, one willing to obtain his first short-term extended license should provide proof of SFR readout unit ownership.

To provide a valid proof, please send an image with "SFR Reader" text and SFR readout unit (sample) to the

Reading card data

With NFC turned on, just tap smartphone to the card to read data.

If this does not work, make sure the card is located near the NFC antenna zone. Some devices have it at unexpected places such as top edge.

Tapping against the same card for the second time would show message "The data are already read".

Assigning athlete's name

SFR Reader allows setting team/athlete's name to each result it reads.

One can set it manually after each reading operation, or in semiautomatic and even fully automatic way. To speed the process up one can upload list of athletes from a text file (UTF-8 encoded) or Event Centre database, to choose the correct name from the list. If the ahtlete in the list has a card number, then SFR reader would automatically use that name for the card.

You can use Excel or any similar program (Open / Libre Office) to prepare the list and save it as CSV-file.

// Line starting with 2 slashes is a comment.
// The file format is trivial: 
// One line — one team

// These teams should be  
// chosen manually
The Furious
Just walking
Quantum snails

// For the following teams
// SFR Reader would use
// card #32 for Swamp kids, 
// and card #34 for John Doe.
// Text befor semicolon is a card number, 
// text after it is a team name.

31;Chasing daylight
32;Swamp kids
33;Humpty Dumpty
34;John Doe
35;Heather Jones
36;Salmon - 1
37;Cheetah - 7

Athlete list upload

To import list of participants upload file to the smartphone (via e-mail, messenger, USB or Bluetooth) choose "Load teams..." menu item and find uploaded file.

SFR Reader would display the number of uploaded teams and proceed to the teams list or show an error message for ill-formed files.

Base unit programming

Base units are programmed in 3 steps using a master-card.
  1. Choose what to program
  2. Tap the phone to the card
  3. Tap the base unit to the card
Average programming time is less than 1 second.

Known issues

Some smartphones are known to have very slow NFC data transfer (1-2 seconds per 1 punch, instead of regular 30-100 msec).

The problem models are:

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