SFR Reader

Legal information

Terms of use

By installing SFR Reader the user accepts these terms. If You disagree You should uninstall SFR Reader.

SFR Reader is intended to ease work with SFR punching system at competitions and training events.
Using SFR Reader to falsify competition results or break normal work of punching systems is prohibited and may result in license revoke.

Privacy policy

SFR Reader gets access to the user's e-mail address, registered in Google Play, to manage SFR Reader's licenses.
To improve its quality SFR Reader gathers it's errors information, accompanied with device model information, firmware version, NFC card information.

Your email can be used to contact you in some rare cases, including but not limited to: license update notification, critical program updates, or to diagnose problems.

In no case the gathered data could be transferred to the third parties.


The program is provided AS IS. The user accepts all the risks of using it.

In no case the manufacturer could be liable for program unexpected behaviour or malfunctioning, including but not limited to any case when this behaviour or malfunctioning lead to money loss or lost profit.

Got questions?

E-mail:, @sfr_reader